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When Store Brands Go *Good*

I am sure we are all familiar with trying a store brand, and wishing we hadn’t.  Especially when soaps, shampoo’s  conditioners, etc are concerned.  However, one of my most favorite store brands is Ulta. ( if you don’t have any of the stores near you)  Not only are their brands fairly reasonably priced (they are not generic-ish cheap priced, nor are they extravagantly priced) -if you shop at the right time you can get some really good deals on some very nice products!

Some of my favorites:

3 in 1 Shower Smoothie– Now this may sound fairly suspish, I was skeptical the first time I tried.  I mean, a shampoo, body soap and bubble bath in one, and when is that ever good?  Now is when it is good!  Not only do these smell *yummy* (with scents like Lemon Cookie, Berrylicious and my favorite Buttercream Cupcake (plus a bunch of others!)- how can you go wrong?) but they are very nice for all three purposes.  Most commonly I use it as a shower soap, but it was nice as a bubble bath, and is fine for a substitute shampoo when you want to switch off now and again.  Retail $14.99 but you can usually get a good sale on any of these- or a buy one get one free deal. Four out of Five Stars.

Ulta Shower Gel– Again, yummy smells, really nice on your skin, plus they have matching body sprays as well as hand and body lotions in the same scents, which is super nice! Scents include Va Va Vanilla (my choice), Simply Clean, Aqua Dream and Baked Apple. Retail $8.00 but again, you can find similar sales on any of the ulta items.  I like to stock up during a sale when I need to shop. Four out of Five Stars.

Ulta Nail Lacquer– At $5.00 this isn’t the cheapest, nor the most expensive nail polish but it’s well worth the $5.00 when you only have to use one coat because it goes on so smoothly and it dries fairly quickly as well.  I don’t use nail polish much anymore except on my toes, but this is easily my very favorite brand.  Five out of Five Stars.

I have dabbled in the Ulta Eyeshadows a bit and found them to be a good value as well (about retail $3.99)- I definitely plan to try more items made by Ulta, as I have been very pleased so far.  They used to carry a really scrumptious sugar scrub which they discontinued for some reason, otherwise I would still be buying that!  I truly miss it, it’s the best sugar body scrub I have found so far.  Nothing else seems to measure up.

Nonetheless, Ulta brands have been mostly an excellent choice and value.  I have recommended them to friends and now I recommend them to you as well! (and again, no animal testing so Yay!)

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