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LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Bath Products Review

Product Overview

LUSH Cosmetics was founded in 1995 by Liz Weir and Mark Constantine. They are dedicated to making their products from fresh, natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. They create an entire line of products from bath bombs, soaps and shampoos to perfumes and makeup. They focus on uplifting and fun names for their products, and the entire atmosphere of the company makes you feel like they are friends and neighbors. Their ingredients come from all over the world and are guaranteed to be fresh, natural and pleasing to the consumer.

Their products are created and packaged following their green policy, in the store; many products can be purchased “Naked”, that is, without packaging. They use as little as possible and many items come in paper packaging that is recycled and can further be recycled. Not only do their products make you feel good on the outside, but you can also feel good on the inside.

Product Detail

LUSH Bath Bombs, Bubble Melts and Bath Melts are all made from the finest, freshest natural ingredients. One of their most popular Bath Bombs; the “Sex Bomb” is made from Jasmine, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang which are not only very relaxing but they are known aphrodisiacs. Soya Milk is also added which softens your skin as you relax in the tub. Their bath products all have their own “personalities” that reflect the ingredients such as the Comforter Butter Bar and the Dreamtime Bath Melt. The choices are numerous as are the mixes of ingredients. Your bath time will make your skin feel soft and smell wonderful. The LUSH website features a full “Lushopedia” which allows you to find any ingredient listed in alphabetical order and find out more about it. Therefore, you will always know exactly what is in the product you choose.

The Strengths

  • LUSH has all natural ingredients, with no chemicals to irritate your skin.
  • LUSH is priced moderately, so it’s easy for anyone to treat themselves when they want to.
  • LUSH has an endless array of choices, with new items always being announced.
  • LUSH carries products especially for men too.
  • There are customer testimonials on the website, and you can order direct online and even get an old fashioned print catalogue if you like.

The Weaknesses

  • There are no free samples available, although there are size portions on some products, allowing you to buy a smaller size the first time if you choose to. Aside from that, the website is very informative and detailed.

The Final Word

LUSH bath products are all natural with fresh ingredients and come in styles to meet nearly every person’s taste. Prices are moderate, and all items can be found online, in person at a store, or via catalogue. They carry an assortment of items beyond bath such as cosmetics, shampoo and even men’s items. They have representatives to help you with questions, and between the quality and reputation of the products, as well as good customer service, LUSH would be a good choice if you are looking for natural bath cosmetics.

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