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SR Announces- The Best Therapy for Teenagers Involved in Self-Harm Behavior

Press Release – For Immediate Release

June 28, 2009 (identifying items have been removed for privacy in the purpose of publishing this publicly)

Contact: John Doe, Admissions Director

Telephone – 123-456-7890

SR Announces- The Best Therapy for Teenagers Involved in Self-Harm Behavior

BOULDER, NY- Leading the way in teenage self-harm therapy, SR School combines the experience of treating troubled teens with the newest techniques. For 30 years SR have been ground breakers in helping teens with addictions, suicidal tendencies, or self-harm behavior. If you have seen or heard your child engaging in such behaviors as cutting, head banging, biting, purging, hair pulling, picking at skin, poisoning, burning, or stabbing themselves, then your child may be part of 4 to 5% of Americans that engage in self-harm behavior. The percentage in teenagers is even higher (a whopping 20%!).

Psychologically, a child performing any of these acts may have difficulty managing emotions, maintaining relationships, impulse control problems, or have trouble adapting to safer coping skills. SR School program is designed to work directly with parents and their children, in order to heal and recover each of the parties. The staff uses unrivaled experience and know-how of a delicate situation to assist each teenager into new coping skills which control and make effective better solutions for the problems listed above.

However, the key to SR School’s self-harm program is their use of the DBT group, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, pioneered by the famous behaviorist, Marsha Lineman. The teachers and staff teach students new distress tolerance skills in lieu of more damaging, painful habits. The DBT groups help the students learn skills that can better their everyday life, such as focusing on decreasing interpersonal chaos, preparing oneself physically for emotional distress, and learning how to effectively control emotions and harmful behavior through less dangerous means. DBT also helps students with impulsiveness, which is a large problem for most teenagers afflicted.  Students learn therapy that helps them slow down, observe themselves, and how to properly address a distressful situation without giving in to impulse.

Another important part of the SR’s equation to better health is individual weekly therapy. This enables the student to learn to address problems with depression and anxiety as well as any trouble with coping skills learned in the DBT group, or any feelings from the week. SR also provides a therapeutic environment for treatment, appropriate emotional expression and vital relationship skills as well as supporting student safety. The school provides indoor and outdoor activities to further enrich the therapy process, and each member of the staff, including maintenance and service departments, receives exclusive training to assist in providing safe and consistent services.

With decades of such experience, effective and new therapy techniques, a safe and beneficial environment for your child, why wouldn’t you choose the best option for your troubled teen; SR!

Summary: SR School first to combine decades of experience, new and proven techniques in behavior and DBT therapy, and a first-rate recovery environment to better help your teenager.

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