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SR Announces Financial Aid Program



July 10, 2009





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SR Announces

Financial Aid Program

Boulder, NY, July 10 – SR announces financial aid program.

SR has always put the needs of it’s students and their parents at the top of it’s list, and is excited to announce their partnership with CCHF in order to allow financial assistance for those who qualify.

The loans can cover treatment costs, tuition and even transportation to and from the program. Multiple loan products are available with competitive rates, and a possible deferral of interest for up to 6 months with no prepayment penalties or cancellation fees.

CCHF works with many families and individuals each day, guiding them through the loan process. If a student’s family doesn’t personally qualify for a loan, they will advise them in ways to qualify, including adding a co-signer or considering credit repair. Once pre-approval has been achieved, CCHF can complete the entire loan process in about 5 business days.

Financing benefits will include 6 months interest free option, highly competitive interest rates, credit decisions available in 24hrs, affordable monthly payments, no collateral required or prepayment penalties. The loan application process is quick and easy with minimal paperwork and 100% confidential.

For more information or to apply for financial aid, please visit the CCHF website at (website)










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