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School Announcement Press Release

Press Release – For Immediate Release

 (identifying items have been removed for privacy in the purpose of publishing this publicly)

June 17, 2009

Contact: John Doe, Admissions Director

Telephone – 123-456-7890

SR School Announces- Building

Self-Esteem Through Visual Art for Troubled Teenagers

Boulder, UT- For 30 years, SR has provided families with quality treatment and school programs for teens.

Visual art classes within the school provide students with the freedom of self-expression, allowing them to delve into new personal creative mediums. With students ranging in age from 12 to 18, they share different skills and a variety of culture. Students are encouraged to use the art as a fuel to support their treatment, while building confidence and discovering new skills. The teachers encourage them to take everything in small steps, as not to overwhelm them. For beginners as well as students with previous experience, importance is placed on complimenting the small successes, while instructing them in the basic skills, creating a feeling of success, and boosting self-esteem.

Most of the assignments provide them with the freedom of self-expression, allowing them to create using various colors, mediums, and subjects. Within this classroom setting, a troubled teen can learn from peers around him/her and but their best into their project. Sharing their creations with classmates allows them to both support and praise others, while receiving those same benefits in return. In the hallway, there are many display cases that teachers use to boost students confidence even more, as their work is being shown off to other teachers, students, and staff.

“Behavior does vary in a school” says John Doe. Overall, the feeling in an art class is calm and enjoyable and the attitudes upbeat and optimistic. The fun part is, whether the students mean to or not, they complete the class having learned something!”

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SR P.O. Box 0009 Boulder, UT 11223

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