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Press Release – For Immediate Release

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July 22, 2009

Contact: John Doe, Admissions Director

Telephone – 123-456-7890

SR School Announces- Foremost to Combine School, Treatment Center, and a Hard-Working Ranch in a Safe, Natural Environment

BOULDER, NY- SR School, the premier rehabilitation ranch for troubled teens, focuses on experience when treating patients. The school has teachers that have been there since the beginning, and although much has changed in the years since then, Sorenson’s continues to be a place where teens can learn for a better future, work hard until the day is done, with enough time to play and enjoy the surrounding natural environment.

In fact, the original teachers and founders of the school, B and C Smith, thought the exact same way over 30 years ago. School always came first, and since then the establishment has been fully accredited by the state of New York and the Northeast Association of Accredited Schools. Secondly, the teenagers were made to work hard and actually want to go to sleep at the end of the night, an odd occurrence in today’s no sleep, television and video game-filled world. There have always been animals, and they were B’s recipe to treatment in the early days; he used to say “Teens are like colts. Let them have too much and they do pretty much what they want, but put them in reigns and a bridle, and we can control them with just the right amount of pressure.”

According to long-hired employees who have remained essential to the program’s team, one thought that has never been ignored in times of trouble or extreme cases is that most importantly, the program must operate around a change of environment for long periods of time and the program must give them positive experiences so all treatment is not done in vain, and that in the end, accomplishment will always build self-esteem, a wonderful product of the Smiths equation.

Another important part of the program that isn’t widely known is the amount of true fun the students have while they are changing behaviors, tackling mental problems and going through school. There are frequent camp outs, cookouts, trips to any of the National Parks around, fishing, boating, swimming and many more that give the teens comfort and enjoyment to reward them for going through the tiresome process of becoming a healthier and better social individual.

If anything has changed in the 30 years, however, it’s the problems that teens face today are much different that what they were back then. Many more divorces, adoptions, illnesses, and drugs have been introduced or popularized since then, and the program has adapted to all of these with bringing in new members of staff with licenses in therapy dealing with all of the above. They are just another essential part of the Smith team , a part that no doubt provides depth that could not be given in the early days.

So have things changed at SR in 30 years? Certainly! However, the important focuses and goals have not changed one bit since the moment the school started with two teachers, five students, and one cook; the most important thing is that every person there loves what they do, and it has become who they are.

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Summary: SR uses a incredible staff that have been in the field of treating teenagers for over 30 years, and the most important part is to keep a proper environment for change to occur.

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