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Written 5/27/06 11:30pm

choking on my words
the unreal is cherished
truth shall be persecuted
I aim high but am not allowed
Choices, misunderstood
I step behind the veil
where the common
complacent ones are
I cannot breathe and long to break free
Alas, I fear judgment
the anger and fear
truth, honesty, go unvalued
I must conform
I am unwilling
Yet choiceless
I am stifled
I rage at the injustice
Yet I must do it in silence
I do not understand why
I cannot be who I am
I do not understand why
living in your truth
speaking openly, honestly
is so unacceptable
The facade is more welcome
The masquerade is embraced
a welcome fairy tale
pretending that what is,
is not.
Sacrificing your soul
Why do people do that?
Why can’t the truth be told?
Why must we judge?
Be who you are
Tell your true story
Honor your soul
Step out from behind the veil
and feel the warmth of the sun
welcoming you home.

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