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The Power of Words

Words. We use them all day, we think them, hear them, read them and write them. But do we ever stop and think about the power those words carry?

Silly things, words. A series of letters, strung together to form an idea, a sound, our thoughts. Words form the basis of our languages, allow us to communicate ideas and emotions.

It seems so simple and so commonplace. But those letters and words, if not used carefully and with thought carry a dangerous power, and the ability to tear down, destroy and hurt. On the other hand, words spoken with care, from the heart and with great thought, have the power to create miracles!

Our thoughts create our world, our words are implicitly connected with these thoughts.  I read once that a single positive thought can cancel out ten negative ones.  What kind of energy are you creating?  What sort of energy are bringing to others lives by your words?

Are you critical, thoughtless and quick to speak?  Are you just throwing words out carelessly?  You effect everyone around you with your words, they are one of the most powerful tools you own.  Are you careful when you speak?  Choosing your words mindfully and speaking from the heart?  It seems like a simple thing, and truly it is, it is also a very powerful choice you have, when you speak.  I am sure you can think of a time when someone else’s words had an effect on you.  Has someone hurt you with their words?  Or were you fortunate enough to have someone give you the gift of empowering, beautiful uplifting words?  Thinking back on these experiences is a very easy way to feel firsthand, the power of the words we allow out into the world.

It’s so easy to take a deep breath before you speak, or write, to center yourself and think about the impact those words are going to have on anyone they come in contact with.  You can choose to uplift, or to knock down, to empower or to hurt.

Words are energy, like anything we create and put out into the world.  The media uses words to sway the thoughts of the masses, to affect their actions and emotions.  Poets use words to create visions, to convey emotions and stories.  Words can be used to control another, to purposely hurt, to tear someone down.  And words have the power to shift someone’s perspective, to heal, to create courage.

What words will you choose?  Think carefully before you speak, remember the power a simple word or two has, and think about the effect it will have, and if it is worth even saying.  Winston Churchill once said “We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out.”  Be a master of your words.  You hand yourself so much power when you make such a choice, and in return, you share that power with others.

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