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Live the Life You Were Born to Live!

Watching The Sound of Music the other night, and that line always strikes me…”You must live the life you were born to live!” Sometimes we forget that, and we try to live the life that someone else is living, perhaps it looks better than what we have, or perhaps we think the grass is greener…(It never is!) Sometimes we look around and find a combination of things that look appealing. Someone is making good money at a certain job, and someone has a car that might impress people, and another person dresses in designer clothes only. So we find ourselves working a job that we may not like, or may be miserable at, and not making as much money as we thought, and we find ourselves spending far too much money on a set of wheels to get us around and clothes to impress others (do other people *really* care that much what label you are wearing?), and we still feel unhappy. We aren’t as happy or successful as we imagine those other folks are, and we can’t understand WHY, because we went out and did just what *they* were doing! Why aren’t we making that kind of money…we are doing the same job? Simple. The way to be successful and happy is to “live the life you were born to live”. In other words, be YOURSELF. Don’t try to be what you think you should be, or what others think you should be. Just BE WHO YOU ARE. Whoever that might be!

Thats not good enough? Why? Why isn’t that good enough? Have you even TRIED it for a long enough amount of time for all the pieces to fall into place? No, because if you had, then you would know that who you are is GOOD ENOUGH. Find your passion, find what stirs your soul. Follow that passion, LISTEN to that inner calling. As NIKE says JUST DO IT. Don’t question it, don’t second guess yourself. That passion is there for a reason! It is telling you that this is your purpose, this is who you are!!!! So many people want to know what their purpose is, why they are here. Only YOU can answer that and you can only do it by looking INSIDE yourself. By listening to the inner yearnings of your heart. Turn off the music, turn off the TV, shut down the computer and don’t check your email for a *gasp* whole hour or so, and get quiet and get busy listening!

I have been guilty of it too, it is one of those big human challenges. Follow the group, or dare to strike out on your own. Look around at nearly anyone who is really successful in any given field and you tell me, did they get there by doing what everyone else was doing, or did they get there by following their OWN mind and their OWN heart? It can be done, and yes even YOU can do it, if you really and truly want to. Of course you can always just follow the group and go blindly through life. But wouldn’t you much rather live an amazing inspired life?

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