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Finding Your Personal Connection to Spirit

Until recently, I was under the misapprehension that connecting with spirit had to be done a certain way. I had subscribed to the common notion that in order to fully connect with spirit, I had to practice and excel at meditation.  That is, sitting quietly, with a clear mind, in a state of blissful listening.  Now, don’t get me wrong, that is an absolutely excellent way of connecting with spirit.

So, year after year, time after time, wishing to connect more with spirit, I swore to myself that I would start meditating!  And year after year, time after time, I would never fail to disappoint myself.  I found it very difficult to discipline myself and continue to follow through with meditating on a regular basis.  I am my own worst critic, as we all are, and so I labeled myself as lazy, undisciplined, unfocused and worst of all, disconnected from spirit.

One of my best friends is the opposite.  She won’t go a day without meditating and going into that still place where spirit resides.  She does it effortlessly and joyfully.  It is her bliss.  Seeing her excel in that way made me feel even worse.  It’s so effortless for her, she and I are so similar in many ways, so *why* can’t *I* do it!!

The first lesson I was forgetting is to never compare yourself with others.  We are all wired differently, no matter how similar we may seem at times.  I was reminded of this when I spoke to her about my meditation frustrations.  As we spoke, it suddenly dawned on me that my big concern was connecting with spirit.  I had put blinders on to the point that I was thinking the only way I could connect with spirit was the way she was doing it.  Sitting each day and sliding into meditative bliss.  Oh how wrong I was!

I was so hung up on connecting to spirit only through meditating, that I had forgotten to acknowledge the ways I was already connecting with spirit and slipping into my own meditative state.  (and yes doing it effortlessly and joyfully!)

When I sing, do art and sometimes write, I get into such a centered and focused state, that during those times, I forget my Self and become my Spirit.  Singing songs that have meaning for me has always brought me into a state of oneness with my soul, and done it so effortlessly, that I wasn’t even counting that.  After all, shouldn’t it take some *work*?!  No!

There have been countless times I have just lost myself in doing my art.  I’ve known migraines to melt away while doing my art.  Art is another way I effortlessly get into my soul state!

Am I the best singer or the greatest artist?  Far from it! Do singing and art bring me into such a joyful, blissful state that they raise my vibration and put me into a meditative, spiritual state?  Absolutely!  Would my dear soul sister friend find herself in a meditative state from art?  She says no!  Can connecting with spirit be such a different journey for each of us on this planet.  You bet it can!

My point is, there is no right or wrong way to connect with spirit, to raise your vibration, get into your soul state and find that blissful joyful space within you.  What works for someone else may not work for you and that’s fine!  That’s exactly how it is supposed to be!  If you want to create a meditative state and connect with spirit, it is as simple as finding the thing that brings you joy and doing it!  Whenever you enter a selfless, joyful, blissful state, when you are doing something that you love so dearly that everything around you seems to fade away, and you don’t even have to work hard to get there, you have found your personal connection to your higher self and spirit.

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