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Ever Feel Like a Caterpillar?

One of my favorite positive thinking quotes is:

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

You know the feeling, you’ve been working so hard, trying to make changes in your life, maybe you’ve started an exercise program, began meditating or just doing some things to become a better person. Then many times, we reach a point where we just feel stuck. We are getting no place, we don’t see any changes manifesting themselves despite our hard work. It can be so frustrating!

I always call this stage, the caterpillar in the cocoon. The caterpillar has been in there just slowly changing, and just when it seems like it’s been too long, the cocoon starts to break open, and the caterpillar, which has transformed itself into an amazing magical butterfly, can begin to emerge and stretch it’s wings. When we have been working towards a goal, usually when we get to a point where we really feel like all our efforts are in vain, and want to give up, that is usually the point when we are about to break free of the cocoon! Most people give up just before a success, and if only they had kept going just a little longer, they would have found that they too could suddenly reach their goal, or see changes, and yes, perhaps fly!

So remember that caterpillar next time you feel like you just can’t try any more, or go any further, remember that patient caterpillar, who just when it seemed he had been in that cocoon for so very long, began to emerge as a beautiful butterfly! If you can just push yourself that little extra bit, you may just find that you really can fly!

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