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Creating Structure to Succeed in Weight Loss

(I had written this previously, and have lost a total of 40lbs, I hope this will reach someone out there and help them as it helped me!)
Many times people think that because I am a Life Coach, I am immune to the everyday struggles. I wish it were so! True, I have the tools, but just like anyone else, I need to work at applying them each day and of course some challenges are more of a struggle for me than others.
This summer, the challenge I chose for myself was weight loss and getting into better shape. I turn 40 next year and I would like to look and feel my best. That means a lifestyle change for me. Basically, eating better and getting into the habit of exercising.
Oh the description sounds deliciously simple…as many of us know first hand, it’s not.
I floundered for a couple of weeks, trying to create a system for myself-a plan. Something that would work. But everything I tried felt very unorganized, unstructured. If there is one thing I have learned from coaching, it is the importance of structure when you are working towards a goal! Structure is the foundation and the glue that holds any plan together. It gives you a way to stay on the path and reach your goal with success.
So, a good friend had mentioned she was using something called Sparkpeople for her diet. I had never heard of this but after hearing her mention it a few times, I went and took a peek. Wow. Here at last was the structure I had been searching for! In brief, Sparkpeople is a free online service that allows you to set and track weight loss, fitness and other goals. When I put in my information and tentative goal, the site gave me the structure I needed. How many calories per day, grams of fat, how much exercise and so on! Hooray!
Now, I am on my second week and already seeing progress. My weight is beginning to drop and I can chart my progress in each area every day to see how I am doing, and if I need to make any changes. Granted as with any process, some days have been better than others (this is normal, so when working towards a goal, expect yourself to have “off” days. A goal cannot be reached without those “off” days, they are just as important as the “on” days as they are a natural step.)-but I am progressing and it is exciting to see!

Check out Sparkpeople for yourself (tell them I sent you! I am joeysfae on there):

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