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Believing in Yourself

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to believe in anything you do. The more you believe, the more you will find that you are able to do and accomplish. Anything that you put your mind, heart and soul into is sure to become a reality. It’s true, and all you have to do is to learn to truly believe. When you believe in something, not just with your mind, but also with your heart, then your belief can make something a reality. Think of all the people who have created great and wonderful things and think about how they got started. They got an idea, and they began to believe in that idea, first with their minds, then eventually with their hearts, until finally they had their whole heart and soul into the project. Sure enough, these things became a reality and added to the wonderful things that we humans are able to create if we only put our minds to it. We can create anything we can imagine. All it takes is belief and faith in ourselves.

You’d be amazed at how little faith we actually have in ourselves. Many times it’s out of fear, not trusting ourselves, or focusing on the negatives. We really don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve. We are limitless, our only boundaries being those of our imagination, which leaves us room for just about anything we set out to create or do. We can do so much! We have a tendency to think that one person can’t possibly make a difference, but that’s so far from the truth. The reality is, is that each and every thing or event that has made a difference in this world started out with just one person and an idea that he or she had. All it takes is a simple idea. You have an idea that you think might benefit others? What are you waiting for? Let go of your fears, get out of your own way. Trust in the amazing soul that is you. Put it into action! Take your idea and put it down on paper, then expand on the idea. Put together a group of ideas that go together or compliment each other. Begin to share the idea with others, then let the idea take shape and form. Let your idea become real, and let others who share your idea and beliefs help you to create the reality. If you believe and they believe, then that strengthens the idea and makes it even more real. The more people that hear about the idea and that believe in it, the bigger and more real it becomes. Soon you have created a wonderful beautiful reality, that started out as a simple idea that you had one day. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on an idea or dream. Don’t let a great idea or thought stand idle in your mind. Don’t let an incredible dream just fade away into oblivion.

If you don’t act on and create your idea, maybe no one else ever will. Take the chance at making a dream real. Bring something good and wonderful into this world. We are all here for a reason and who’s to say that your idea shouldn’t turn into your reason?

Don’t get stuck in a rut, let go of the fear of success and let your belief and idea grow and become as big and as huge as it was meant to be. We aren’t given an idea or desire without the means of creating it.

We can also assist others in this process. Help someone else believe in themselves. Get involved in their dream and make their beautiful thought become a reality. When you help someone else believe in themselves, you are also helping yourself. Reach out and get involved in a dream or great idea that is just beginning to expand. Give yourself and others limitless wonderful dreams and realities to believe in. The chain of believing and creating is endless.

Help a child’s dream come true, help an elderly person fulfill a lifelong wish. Believe in yourself and believe in the endless possibilities that life has given to you. Sometimes they are not so obvious and sometimes you have to dig a little in order to discover them, but that makes them all the more worthwhile.

Put your heart and soul into everything you do. Put love into every project that you believe in and are working on, the more love a project has, the more energy and the more real it can become.

You will be amazed at what you can do when you really try and truly trust yourself-when you truly love. We are made of love and it is this love that we need to put into all our endeavors. You can never put enough love into something, and you can never run out of love, it is always there, and it is abundant.

When you believe and you see and give love in everything, then you can do anything. Give yourself love and believe in your competence and intelligence. Believe in your creativity and believe in your ability to care and help others. Then, take your belief in yourself and your ever flowing abundance of love and see what good you can do with them. You will feel so much love and peace in return, and the enjoyment you get will be endless.

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