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Dear Valerie,

I have read in self development books that we have two types of mind ie conscious and sub concscious mind. we can achieve our goals by using auto suggesstion to stimulate the subconscious mind ie telling ourself loudly and writing our goals and desires.Is this possible and they mentioned that power of subconscious is very big one. I tried this auto suggestion by telling that i am a hard working and self confident person. But my mind repeats oppositely. And also whenever i tried to do new things my minds always repeats we can harmonise between our thoughts and actions. Please advice me.

Thank U


Thanks for your question!

It is true that there are several dimensions to our minds, with the subconscious making up most of it (we only use about 10% of our brains). As I see you have discovered, it is very difficult to try to break a negative pattern of thinking, as we so often fall back into negative self talk.

It is not so much the volume of the new thoughts, as it is the repetition. Consistency is key here, take for instance the fact that it takes about 21 days to create a new habit (and consequently to break an old one!), so to change a pattern of thinking requires some dedication.

Since you say your mind is programmed with negative thoughts, why not try writing down positive affirmations, and posting them in places you will see them each and every day? It is good as well to read the affirmations out loud to yourself ten times (at least once a day), but what this will also do is reach your subconscious mind. Think of advertisers and commercials, they flash quick little messages to us (called subliminal messages) because it is shown to reach the subconscious in that way. By posting up the affirmations where they will be in your sight each day, you are doing something very similar. Whether or not you take the time to repeat them out loud to yourself, your subconscious will be absorbing those messages which are now in your view each day.

While repeating the messages, and being committed to change is the strongest, fastest route to changing your thinking, I have found that posting the messages up is simple and very effective, and before long you will notice that you have adopted a new habit or begun to change your thinking, and will be taking the messages down, and perhaps putting up new ones! (If you are feeling ambitious!)

Let me know how it goes. 🙂

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