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Am I A Geek?

QUESTION: People say im a geek at school ecxept my boyfriends. I really need to know if they think im popular like there jelous its just i need someone to really tell me if im a geek, but you cant see me so do i sound geeky??


Hi! 🙂

A couple of things, first off. First of all, only *you* know who you really are. You are at an age where you are still defining who you are and every day you are a little bit different from the person you were the day before because you are in a period of profound growth right now. That is why you are so concerned right now with how others see you. You are still trying to discover for yourself.

I don’t know if anyone could “sound” geeky. What does geeky mean to you anyway? I know what the generic meaning of the word itself is, but what I want to know, is what does it mean to *you*? Does it symbolize something you don’t want to be, or are you alright with it? Geek is just a label, that’s all. Remember, just because someone says you are something or thinks you are something, doesn’t mean it’s true. People’s perception is just that, what they perceive. It is what’s in their heads, but it is not truth, and it is certainly not your truth. Who do you see yourself as? The only person who knows the real you, is you!

Make a choice about who you want to be, and don’t put any label on yourself except one, and that is “limitless”. Others don’t know anything, and when they judge another, they know even less, so don’t listen to them, but listen to your own inner voice. When someone labels you like that, they are telling you one thing, that they have low self esteem themselves and that they need to talk about others in such a way that makes them feel better about themselves. As you said, they may be jealous. If they felt good about who they are on the inside, then they wouldn’t be so concerned with who you are or what you are doing. So just be true to yourself, allow yourself to explore who you want to become, and know that where you are right now is just fine, that you are on the path to becoming the most perfect you!

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